Gateway to the “Pearl of Indian Ocean”
The 13th-century Venetian traveller Marco Polo described Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, as being “for its size, better circumstanced than any island in the world”.


Why Aves?

We at Aves Nature Trails, believe in giving others what we desire to experience. Being treated well beyond our expectations in pretty much every country we have been to, we are determined to ‘return the favor’ to the visitors who come to our beautiful island. We have experience in different types of travel – backpacking/budget, luxury etc. and we focus on listening to our guests needs. We have hosted people of all ages from all over the world and made long lasting friendships due to our shared interests in travel. Our success is determined only by the satisfaction of our guests. We cannot wait to give you long lasting memories from the ‘land like no other’, that is Sri Lanka!


Bird Watching
Sri Lanka is an absolute birder’s paradise which is home to 34 endemics and over 80 near endemics. A birder can observe world’s most spectacular ‘bird wave’ at Sinharaja UNESCO World Heritage rainforest . The handpicked destinations of Aves Nature Trails provide a greater possibility of spotting and photographing all endemics as well as over 200+ overall species!
14 days
All year round for endemics, Best months for both resident and migrants are in January, February and March
Wildlife Trail
Sri Lanka is classified as one of the best overall wildlife destinations in the world and the best big game safari destination outside of Africa. Our Wildlife Trail provides a great opportunity to spot and photograph a number of species including Blue Whales, Asian Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears and many more endemics while enjoying some stunning landscapes that would put you in awe!
14 days
All year round. Best January to April.
Untamed Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a land of diverse landscapes, cultures and wildlife. The Untamed Sri Lanka tour is carefully curated to give you ‘a little bit of everything’ our beautiful island has to offer. At the end of the tour, you will have plenty of fond memories for a lifetime, we promise!
15 days
All year
Build Your Own Tour
As globetrotters ourselves, we understand and appreciate having the flexibility of designing our own tour when visiting a new country. As the tour name suggests, you come up with a list of experiences you desire and we will make it happen! If you run out of experiences don’t worry, we have a decent list to select from.
14-17 days
All year
Global Tour Partners
Aves Nature Trails is privileged to work with a global team who shares the same enthusiasm and expertise when it comes to providing personalized travel experiences in selected countries. We picked our partners carefully based on the three principles Aves Nature Trails was formed. Please contact us to discuss more on these tours if you are interested!
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