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Aves Nature Trails
Aves Nature Trails specializes in providing personalized excursions in Sri Lanka. We are a small team of experienced travelers and wildlife enthusiasts who believe in slow pace travel. Our excursions are carefully designed with handpicked destinations, experiences, and partners to make our guests ‘feel at home'.
Being one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the world, this tiny island has unlimited bucket list experiences. Each destination has its own story. We chose our destinations to provide unique experiences to our guests ranging from visiting UNESCO world heritage sites to off the beaten paths adventures.
Our personalized expeditions
We offer you tailor-made personalized expeditions to experience the essence of island’s rich heritage, diverse culture, uncharted beaches and wildlife. Memories for a lifetime awaits
Bird Watching
Specially designed excursion to spot and photograph endemics, migrants and resident birds of Sri Lanka
Nature Trail
Specially designed excursion to explore Sri Lanka's exotic wildlife
Untamed Sri Lanka
Specially designed excursion to experience Sri Lanka's ultimate local experience
Build your own tour
We join hand in hand with you to create a tailor made excursion to fulfil your Sri Lankan dream
Aves Nature Trails
Thilanka and Sanka met each other at Thilanka’s parents' place in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka in December of 2015. Due to their common passions for hospitality, travel and wildlife, they immediately connected and maintained their close friendship even though they were separated by 15000 KM. They did quite a bit of travel around the world separately since then, but made sure to share their good and bad travel experiences with each other after every single trip. With a combination of 5 continents and over 50 countries traveled between them, Thilanka and Sanka understood off the beaten path, yet personalized and non commercialized local experiences were the ones they would remember fondly, when they looked through the rearview mirror. During the COVID Pandemic, Thilanka and Sanka though living in two different continents, came to the same conclusion on pursuing their lifelong passions together. This was just a matter of time given their extensive travel experiences and common passions. This led to the formation of Aves Nature Trails exactly 5 years after Thilanka and Sanka first met.

Thilanka and Sanka formed Aves Nature Trails in Sri Lanka, based on three principles with a focus on maximizing positive travel experiences. Three principles include Conservation, Community Development because they strongly believe there is no conservation without community development and Promoting biodiversity/culture of Sri Lanka. The tours are carefully designed in alignment with the three principles with handpicked partners and personalized experiences.
Sanka moved to the United States in 2008 but never lost his love for his birthplace, Sri Lanka. Sanka has traveled solo to over 20 countries around the world whenever he found time from his full time job as an Aerospace Engineer. He has a passion for hospitality and hosted people from all over the world in his place in the United States. He is also a passionate photographer and some of his photos were featured by Apple, BBC Travel, Slovenia Official Tourism, City of Salzburg Tourism and City of Split (Croatia) Tourism.
Thilanka has over two decades of experience in birdwatching and nature excursions which were done as a hobby while working as a bank executive. He has traveled to over 30 countries around the world with his wife Nimali, having contributed over 1000 checklists of spotted birds to EBird (World’s biggest birds database) consisting of 900+ bird species.In Sri Lanka along with his parents, he hosted over 25 groups through Airbnb at his parents' place and every single one of them left 5 star reviews on their experiences which speaks to the quality of hospitality of Thilanka and his family.