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In addition to our 3 main specified excursions of Bird Watching, Wildlife Trail and Untamed Sri Lanka, we provide our guests the freedom to design their own Sri Lankan experiences based on their desired activities, destinations, duration etc.. We will work closely with you to come up with your dream tour of Sri Lanka!
UNESCO world heritage sites
The 65,610 sq km island is gifted with 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites - 6 cultural and 2 natural. This tour covers all the 8 sites in detail to provide in-depth insights of each place. If you are a history, nature and culture enthusiast, then this tour is for you
Sri Lanka is an absolute photogenic destination due to its rich diversity in culture, heritage, geography and wildlife. Every highlight is just a few hours away from each other. Every handpicked location provides a unique experience for a photographer to create a story of a lifetime
Ayurveda wellness
With roots in India’s ayurvedic medicine, Sri Lanka has created its own identity in medicine with native herbs and practices. Our specialized Ayurveda and wellness holiday connects our guests to top notch Ayurveda wellness centers in the island where you get treated by the trade specialists
Yoga and Meditation
Our tour introduces you to the best yoga & meditation retreats in the country. Our main accommodation travel partner Galkadawala forest lodge was picked up as a key spiritual retreat to experience. Qualified specialist in the industry will guide you throughout the tour
Architectural wonders
Sri Lanka is home to unique architectural marvels thanks to the influences of different cultures over centuries as well as native ancient designs. The tour takes our guests through an architectural time machine of Sri Lanka covering ancient, religious, colonial and modern contemporary architectural icons
Ancient kingdoms
Sri Lanka has a proud written record of historical monarchy dating back to 6 Century BCE and spanning to 19 century ADE. Our handpicked historical attractions give our guests a great overview of power shift from the beginning of monarchy to colonial rule
Sri Lanakan cuisine
The “Rice and curry” nation produces mouthwatering dishes using local incre and recipes that are handed down from one generation to the other. Our food tour provides the opportunity to partake in cooking and of course trying a variety of Sri Lankan dishes!
Aves Day Tours
Don’t have extra time for an excursion? No worries, we have half day/day tours to some of the finest natural and cultural spots around Colombo, Kandy and Galle. We will provide transportation and will be flexible to meet your schedule!
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